Your Obesity Does Not Define You

Things won’t change until YOU decide it’s time,
but if you’re ready to take your life back…


The Obesity Revolution Manifesto

By Sean Mulroney

Discover the exact formula and process that helped me lose my first 100lbs in less than a year!

In this free quick-start guide you’ll learn 7 secret ways that the medical and fitness industries have stacked the odds against you and why they don’t want you to find out how they exclude the obese community from key opportunities that will actually help you fast track new and improved health and fitness to reclaim your life.

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Creating Awareness and Killing Assumptions!

Never Before Has There Been A Free Community Specifically Built & Created For Mastering & Eliminating Obesity!

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Help us fight the stigmas of obesity and end the social shunning of obesity to show the world that we are people too. We can do this, together.


Sean Mulroney

Founder & CEO

My life has taken me on some incredible adventures – my journey has been full of pretty high highs, and very low lows. It hasn’t always been exciting, a lot of times, it’s been pretty rotten.

My life was full of bad choices, brought on by hurt, confusion and a need to fit in. My choices brought me to morbid obesity and that’s a choice I wish I had never made – morbid obesity cripples you emotionally, socially and mentally. I was hiding. I hid behind an overly confident façade –I had to keep people laughing with me so they wouldn’t laugh AT me.

After my daughters were born, I reached out to a personal trainer named Brandon Glore, and Brandon worked with me to get a handle on my obesity. He educated me, he never gave up on me because I never gave up on myself. I am now down 125 pounds, and while I still have a long way to go, I am closer now than I have ever been.

For so long, I had allowed my obesity to control me until I stepped out of the shadows of obesity. I put myself out there, because I was ready to make a dramatic POSTITIVE life change.

I never dreamed I would struggle with my weight, but there I was, killing it!

Now my struggle is different, I work hard every day to keep my body moving, allowing only good and healthy food. It’s not really a struggle, the food is great – the struggle is carrying around this extra weight.


But I’m doing it – and you can too.

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