Robert Reames

RR Circuit Training Level 1 Chair Workout

Often as obese people, we can feel left behind by the health and wellness industry. Workouts and health information often overlook the challenges and complications an obese person faces when trying to start an exercise program.

Enter Robert Reames and the RR Circuit Training series. In the future, The Obesity Revolution will be releasing a full video series featuring Robert Reames Circuit Training. The training series is tailor made to address those challenges and complications.

We're happy to release the first video in the series. Fill out some info below and watch the 8+ minute chair workout that is sure to get your heart pumping and excited about your future workouts.


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About the trainer

Robert Reames

Robert Reames (RR) is a personal and group trainer, a certified nutritionist, wellness coach an author and a motivational speaker. RR brings his clients and fans nearly 35 years of experience in the world of health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. His strong athletic background teamed with being overweight as a kid continue to fuel his passion for the entire arena of the wellness industry which he loves so much.

He is the creator of the RR Lifestyle Transformation System, author of the best selling book Make Over Your Metabolism and is in his 18th season as the head trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle consultant for The Dr. Phil Show. (featured in over 90 episodes)

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