The Obesity Revolution Podcast

Preparation Guide


- PC or MAC Laptop / Desk Computer running the GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER.

- Test your internet speed here

If you are getting up/down speeds that are under 1.5 Mbps then this can cause the connection issues. You want at least 1.5 Mbps up/down and hopefully 5 Mbps or more.

- Internal Microphones will work, but External Microphones like a USB Microphone are highly recommended to record radio/broadcast quality audio.

  *NOTE: If using your Internal Microphone, please be within a 10-12 inch distance from the Internal Microphone to reduce the "room sound" on your feed.*

- Headphones/Earbuds are highly recommended to eliminate echo.

Web Browser

To record the session we must use the Google Chrome Browser

If not already using Google Chrome, you can download the latest version of Chrome at this link 

PLEASE NOTE: Safari is not an option as of yet.


Record in quiet places that minimizes noise. 

Prioritize your connection to by closing other tabs, apps, & devices.

We will be using links – and this is your guest connection link:

How to Record a Great Session

- Start preparing 10 minutes or so before your scheduled session
- Be mindful of background noise & put your phone on vibrate
- Plug in & power on your microphone & headphones
- Grant permission to your microphone
- Click the provided link above & enjoy the conversation!

So that we can do the best job possible to showcase your expertise, story, or how you and/or your company are driven to help others, please retain and refer to a copy of this form after first completing and returning the form to me at least two days before our scheduled podcast interview date.  Once the podcast is produced, I’ll provide show audio to you for your own marketing purposes.

Great tips to remember:

  1.  For the duration of the interview, please obtain and remain in a quiet space like a spare room or vehicle
  2. Turn off your phone’s ringer/notification sounds
  3. Utilize a laptop, PC or smart phone for two-way audio connection via your computer…good quality headphones or earbuds with a mic connected to your computer or phone …our producer will email you an online web link for easy audio connection
  4. Be prepared for the podcast…and, connect to the web audio link we’ll be forwarding to you
  5. Please call-in about 10 minutes early to ensure there are no technical difficulties or connection issues and, if so, we have time to correct them
  6. Be yourself…be authentic and have fun…the finished podcast will be between 30 and 60 minutes in length, however, if we are on a good roll, or a particularly dynamic topic, we can turn this into a 2 part series <or> ask you to come back! 

Thank you so much! I look forward to working with you!

Take care,

sean sign

Founder, The Obesity Revolution