Learn how to fight obesity

Learn how to fight obesity

About the Book

I can’t talk about overcoming obesity unless I tell you how and why it overtook me many decades ago. It was a battle that I was losing every day and it nearly claimed my life.

What I am about to share with you is what I have learned. It is an exploration, a discovery, not an excuse. This journey started long before I lost my first pound and I am moved to share this with you so you will have success as you travel through the pitfalls of obesity to good health.

I hope this book serves you well.

~ With love, this book is dedicated to you


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About the Author

Sean Mulroney

TOR was founded by Sean Mulroney as a testament to his own personal journey as a human being struggling with morbid obesity and the co-morbidities that come with it. In trying to find his way through his struggles, Sean began keeping a record of his experience. The things he learned he chose to share with others in the hopes of lifting them up and helping them succeed in their own separate journeys. This record has become the foundation of The Obesity Revolution.

Sean Mulroney