Your obesity does not define you

Things won’t change until YOU decide it’s time, but if you’re ready take your life back.

We Know You. We Are You.

We are the 74% of the U.S. adult population that struggles with weight. We know what it's like to look in the mirror every day, discouraged by the face and body that stares back at us and hating the feelings of shame, of helplessness, of isolation and of loneliness.

Understanding the pain of not being functionally able to join our family and friends in their daily lives because of our mobility restrictions, fear of the judgment and rudeness of others and their comments and snickers, concern that the places we want to go won't be able to accommodate our physical limitations. And that's the reason we know...

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We've all fallen victim to the lure of fad diets, magic pills, and "easy" answers. We, like you, know the frustration of losing a few pounds, only to gain it back with even more. We've tried the Keto, the South Beach, the Carnivore, Low Carb, Low Fat, "Eat Less and Move More", and so many other, different approaches to losing weight. Some of us have even tried the weight loss surgery approach. We've all experienced the conversations with our doctors and nurses who tell us "just lose the weight; you'll feel better." And our collective experience taught us something.

We need something new.

Something designed for people like us, by people like us. People who have walked a mile in your shoes. Who don't just sympathize, but empathize. Because we know you. We ARE you. The Obesity Revolution, TOR, is a collective of people who have struggled with their weight their whole lives and decided to share what we learned in our journeys to help others like ourselves.

Understand this: We are here to

  • EMPOWER you.
  • To help you regain life skills.
  • To help you Be Happy with Yourself while you continue to work on self-improvement.


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We need something new.

Bridging the Gap.

Sean and Robert first met briefly in 2018, they instantly had a connection; however, their individual projects made a collaboration difficult. They knew they wanted to explore a chance for an opportunity to work together.

2 years later, they reconnected, and the timing could not have been more perfect! They immediately clicked; the flow between them was effortless and the grass roots concept of Bridging the Gap was created.

Bridging the Gap is a place of Empathy and Sympathy and an effort to provide the missing pieces in a gap that has long needed filling, in an environment that hasn’t received the attention it deserves.

Sean Mulroney and Robert Reames

Ready for something Different?

Come and Join Us At The Obesity Revolution sign in/sign up page. Learn about Sean and his struggles to regain his health as he shares his journey, and see what he is learning today as he resumes the battle to lose weight and get healthier with Health Coach and Nutritionist [Robert Reames] links to Robert's bio section. Give Robert Reames a chance to show you how you, too, can manage your mindset, learn how to eat the right foods for your body and your goals, and how to move more and exercise in balance with your physical limitations.

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