The Obesity Revolution Premium Training Invite

Work directly with nutritionist, trainer and wellness coach, Robert Reames. This is not a diet, this is the truth about learning skills, obtaining tools, getting knowledge, attaining personal empowerment and confidence and momentum. Let us teach you skills so you can take the baton and do this on your own.

To make sure we are making things as easy and accessible as possible, we want to open up a special opportunity for this group. Before we go full throttle, we’d like to have a handful of you to Beta Test the site. We’re asking for VOLUNTEERS!

We have so much new content that we think everybody is going to love…lots of stuff from me and from Robert that we believe will really help everybody make improvements in their journeys. We all have different things that hold us back or just don’t work for us, and we’ve put together some videos and other learnings on the site that we think will educate and inspire all you guys! As a Beta tester, you’ll get the chance to put your hands on all of us and let us know what you think. We want to collect your thoughts and evaluations so we can learn what’s working and what’s not, so there will be a little bit of homework for you as a Beta Tester.

If you think you want to help us test and get an early view of the new site, please let me know. We’ll have Tom send you a sign up link so you can sign up as an early adopter! We’re only looking for 6-8 Beta Testers, so make sure you sign up quickly!

If you agree to help Beta Test, there are a couple of things you should know:

  • 1 You will be asked to provide formal feedback to let us know what you think about the site, how well it functions for you, what you think about the content…what you think might make it better. We want this to be usable and friendly to all! Your Beta Tester sign up link will include instructions on how your feedback will be collected and what you will need to do to provide it.
  • 2 When you sign up as a Beta Tester, YOU ARE SIGNING UP FOR YOUR CHOSEN ENROLLMENT PACKAGE and WILL BE charged accordingly…the good news is that as a Beta Tester, you’re earning a big discount as a reward for your help!

You’ll enjoy savings not available to anyone else. As a Beta Tester, you’ll be able to choose the enrollment package that best fits your needs, your schedule and your pocket. You'll receive 20% off our monthly package and $50 off the premium 9 week program.

The Obesity Revolution Essentials Program
The Obesity Revolution Premium Program


We can only take 6-8 premium member signups during beta testing. Get your name on the list to be the first invited!

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About the trainer

Robert Reames

Robert Reames (RR) is a personal and group trainer, a certified nutritionist, wellness coach an author and a motivational speaker. RR brings his clients and fans nearly 35 years of experience in the world of health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. His strong athletic background teamed with being overweight as a kid continue to fuel his passion for the entire arena of the wellness industry which he loves so much.

He is the creator of the RR Lifestyle Transformation System, author of the best selling book Make Over Your Metabolism and is in his 18th season as the head trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle consultant for The Dr. Phil Show. (featured in over 90 episodes)

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