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Never once in my life did I ever truly feel VIP.

Unless you said VIP stood for Very Inconvenient Person. I always felt that I was an inconvenience to those around me. I felt like they were self-conscious to be around me because of my weight. I always played the “funny card” and was the first to poke fun at myself to break the ice for those around me. To them I was the VFP (Very Funny Person), the guy who didn’t care how big he was because “look…he could laugh at himself…”

The truth was my weight had haunted me for years.

I must have called 30+ trainers and gyms looking for the answers I was after.

I was near the end of my rope.

Tired, frustrated and confused why I’d never been able to maintain or improve upon the results of diets and challenges before. That’s when I met Brandon Glore and even after my first 21-Day challenge with him, one thing was clear.

My journey was far from over and much work was left to be done if I wanted lasting results this time.

The 21-Day challenge got me on the right path, but Brandon helped me understand that I needed to develop an unbreakable mindset and combine that with the right habits, patterns and routines with my exercise and nutrition if I wanted the lasting changes to stick that had previously eluded me for years.

It wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t quick.

But I’m living proof that it can be done and I want to give that same experience to you.


The Obesity Revolution
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The World’s #1 Support Community Specifically Designed To Combat The Stigma of Obesity

Here’s what you get when you join…


Weekly Mindset Breakthrough Sessions

Keep yourself on the right track, understand more about yourself, and who you are...step one starts with an in-depth assessment of your mindset, what's held you back in the past, and what drives you forward!


LIVE Virtual Training

Choose your ideal trainer and training style with our selection of virtual trainers! Workout from your home, at the gym, or on the go! Every trainer has been carefully selected, vetted, and endorsed by The Obesity Revolution. We cover every level of training from full workouts to mobility centered programs to regain mobility. No matter where you are in your journey, we got you covered!


70+ Execution Plans with 24/7/365 Access

Have stress free guidance with more than 70+ videos on a variety of topics ranging from understanding obesity, mindset, exercise, Get Fit While You Sit, nutrition and more!


The Obesity Revolution Meal Plan Vault

No more quick-fix diets that don’t work for the obese community! We provide you with delicious, proven meal plans that are easy to follow and get results because they are specifically tailored to meet your needs. Don’t like a particular meal plan? No worries, we offer several different plans to choose from and new meals added weekly!


The Obesity Revolution Recipe & Grocery Library

End the guesswork with more than 1 full year of recipe ideas with step-by-step instructions alongside detailed lists of ingredients and estimated costs so you can still have meals that taste great, detail your budget and plan ahead on your weight loss journey.


Members Only Access To Our Private Community

Surround yourself with the most encouraging and supportive group on the planet! Our private community will give you the connection, information and friendships you need to support you throughout your mission.


Weekly VIP Rally - Featuring Guest Speakers

Join us every week where we feature a guest or expert in the field of obesity, get direct answers regarding your specific situation, learn where the revolution is headed, join us every week to speed up and maximize your experience during and after the 21 Day Challenge.


The Obesity Revolution VIP Member Discounts

You’ll get special VIP members only discounts off any merchandise purchased or future programs you join.

***Including our retreats and facility experiences***

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*** Access To The VIP program is earned through our 21-Day Challenge and new members must apply for consideration ***

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*** Access To The VIP program is earned through our 21-Day Challenge and new members must apply for consideration ***

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*** Access To The VIP program is earned through our 21-Day Challenge and new members must apply for consideration ***